Lake Whitney
Deck Boat Rentals

We’re the only provider of deck boats on Lake Whitney. Our deck boats can accommodate 8-10 people while still being relatively easy to drive.

or call (254) 588-9949

We have 6 boats, and generally they hold 8-10 people. Deck boats offer ample seating and spacious layouts, making them ideal for social gatherings and family outings. Their versatile design allows for a variety of activities, including fishing, water sports, and cruising. The stable, wide hull ensures a smooth ride even in choppy waters, providing comfort and safety. With powerful engines, deck boats can reach high speeds, making them suitable for thrill-seekers. Additionally, they often come with numerous storage compartments, allowing for easy organization of gear and supplies.

Open 9am to 8pm, 7 days/week

10-2 and 3-7 rentals

Open May 25 to September 2 (Memorial day to Labor day) yearly

$400 plus gas per half day

When the water’s close to full, most areas of the lake are navigable. In low-water conditions, special care should be taken as to where you go.

The map below has more information about what areas of the lake are best for boating.

235 County Rd 1768, Clifton Texas 76634, next door to Tower Pizza.

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Sunset Point Rentals
235 County Rd 1768, Clifton Texas 76634
(Next door to Tower Pizza)